Spyder Rock New York



Of the great dance and music entertainers on the East Coast MC Spyder is certainly known as one of the best. At the age 14, Spyder took on the world of break dancing and never looked back.

Spyder's passion for performing revolutionized the DJ Entertainment industry as we know today! Poised in fashion and style Spyder enhanced the art of audience participation, setting a new industry standard.

In recent years MC Spyder and company used their exquisite style to create, design and construct magnificent events. Blending fashion, technology and talent.

With a passion for excellence, Spyder led a renaissance in NEW YORK for fine entertainers, disc jockeys, musicians, state of the art lighting, staging and décor.

Among other accomplishments he has broadened the societies cultural palate by marrying food, music and the arts.

The year 2012 was the culmination of talent and sophistication. Spyder, once again has displayed extraordinary vision as the founder of Spyder Rock Entertainment Group.

The Very Heart & Soul of our Music Service is built on Knowledge, Morals, Integrity and a Genuine Connection with our Clients, One event at a time.

Combining decades of experience with a simple goal- Deliver the Excellence our customers deserve and exceed your expectations.